Music Services



If you provide me with a few references (or guide) tracks, a brief/outline and rough cut/final cut of your film, I can compose a high quality demo. Usually I can do this and have it emailed back to you within 48 hours. I will then take on board any feedback you may have and edit and refine the piece chosen accordingly all the way to final delivery. If you don’t like the demo, I can compose another for you to listen to.

If you do not have any music references for your project, I am confident I can still create the music you want. Just drop me an email or call and we can discuss it, and I can have a demo ready for your consideration as a starting point.  Once the piece has been approved, I can adjust and refine it swiftly to your requirements throughout the editing and post-production process.



I know many of my clients have worked on projects in which they have used a commercially released piece of music in production, and are very happy with it until they are asked to pay an extortionate fee by the record company for the right to use it! I can create a piece of custom music that is inspired by the sounds and energy of the commercial track but does not plagiarise it, thus avoiding the expensive legal and licensing fees resulting from negotiation with record labels and publishers. Alternatively I can produce a cover version of a song if required, which can sound almost identical to the original, or even be totally different in instrumentation and feel- a new “arrangement”. A cover version will require permission from the song’s publishers, which can be time consuming, but less expensive than paying both publisher and record label for permission to use the original commercially released recording.



I can help if you have already selected and licensed music for your project, but need changes made to it – for example, some sections of the music need to repeat, to playback faster or slower, if it needs augmenting with extra layers of sound or sound FX applied, a dance beat/remix, some elements within the music need to be emphasised, or even just a tidy up and smooth over points in the music where it has been cut too abruptly. The audio software I use, as well as my skill, makes these sorts of changes much easier for me to carry out than an editor using film editing software.