Custom Music composition for fashion, technology and luxury brand advertising

I am a custom music composer specialising in original custom music for big brand advertising on TV, cinema, the web and social media. The projects I work on are as varied as my clients, and this is reflected in the wide range of original music I compose and produce. I have composed custom music for technology brand TV commercials, beauty brand TV commercials, fashion brand website and social media campaigns, beauty brand product launches, national press online advertorials, luxury car brand online films, beauty brand in-store displays, Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer campaign films for international fashion brands, catwalk fashion shows, fashion brand mood films, lookbooks, fashion films, digital advertising agencies, heritage films celebrating the histories and anniversaries of classic luxury brands, virals for sportswear brands and high street restaurant brands, human interest TV documentaries, independent films, film trailers, music festival shows, cabaret artists and reality TV contestants, corporate training films and more..

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Custom Music for advertising, fashion and media clients

featuring original bespoke music composed by Nessim Molder

My music might be upfront and very impactful, building the mood and telling the story, or sit further in the background, supporting the visual and filling in the spaces around a voice over. It all depends on what the client and their project requires. The advantage of using a custom music composer like myself is my flexibility and experience. My ability to adapt the music to the client’s feedback very quickly enables the client to be involved with directing and shaping the music throughout the production and post-production process. My music is tailored and crafted to fit the film and can develop with it, unlike music sourced from music libraries or commercially released music, which is expensive and difficult to obtain permission to use. The client can be secure in the knowledge that no-one else will be using or be able to use the custom music I have composed for their film.