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Custom Music For Big Brand Advertising, Film, TV And Social Media

I am a music composer whose skills include composing, producing, remixing and editing.  My music is usually “custom music” – tailored from the start to the brief of the project, and I can make changes to it swiftly throughout the production and post-production process as required by the client.
My clients are international and local corporate businesses who require custom music for fashion, luxury, technology and beauty brand advertising. I create original compositions for social media campaigns, TV commercials, film and TV in both short and long form.

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Music Composer For Fashion, Luxury Brands, Commercials, Film And TV

Often a client will have a piece of commercially released music in mind for their project, usually referred to as the guide music. Or the client will have a selection of different tracks that they like. I am able to compose an original piece of custom music that reflects what the client likes about the guide music, yet is original, and structured and shaped to match the exact pace, mood and visuals of the project. My music covers a wide spectrum of musical genres – orchestral, reggaeton, folk, grime, acoustic guitar, solo piano, electronica, indie, classic rock, metal, dance, electro, house, EDM, tropical, funk, industrial, ambient and more. I believe I can successfully interpret and realise my clients’ musical ideas whatever the project may be. Aside from my skills, the benefits of working with me are my attention to detail, flexibility and a fast turnaround time. Please click here to see some of the clients i have worked for.

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Custom Music And Musical Direction For Art, Fashion And Entertainment Events And Artists

I also write original music and make musical arrangements for artists and performers’ shows for London nightclub/festival promoters and events organisers, notably with East Creative Agency and their Sink the Pink brand. My productions have been performed at shows and festivals across the UK, including Glastonbury, Bestival, the Troxy, BBC Radio1, Latitude, XOYO, Soho House, Selfridges Theatre, Dalston Superstore. Artists I’ve worked with have been featured in Nick Knight’s Showstudio, Britain’s Got Talent, AnOther magazine, News International, The Independent, Evening Standard, Guardian,